One Purpose

Our team is closing the gap between education and workforce by providing a learning experience platform and content solutions that track a learners performance against core education standards and organizational training objectives. Supporting multiple modes of delivery and grounded in learning science. Our technologies combine the capabilities for training, employees, staff, faculty, partners, continuing education with traditional teaching and learning for students.

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Are you an eLearning training provider, publisher or organization looking to develop and promote a specific education training service or product, or simply just trying to maintain a unique competitive advantage. Leave the technology to us and focus on the important revenue generating and competitive parts of your business. Our expert team of Learning architects are available to assist you in leveraging our platform to meet your needs. Collaborate with us to create your solution.

One Platform

The connection between traditional education and workforce is becoming increasingly important as our knowledge economies come into a new age. The mix of instructor-led and and self-paced capabilities for TRUE blended learning are required. Today no other platform combines the necessary mix for the deployment of both instructor-led and self-paced capabilities, without having to learn authoring tools you install on your computer. The convergence of industry standards is at hand and the need for effective content, communication, collaboration and assessment is stronger than ever. It’s all about driving teacher/trainer and student/learner success through outcomes and objectives.

It’s all together and ready for your to use. It’s why we call it “One Platform”.

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One Price

At Adrenna we believe in the Web 3.0 open source community of Drupal at 10 times the size of the Moodle community and the opportunity to provide continuous innovation in our learning experience platform without burdoning  your cost structure. Don’t even think of paying extra for a collaborative virtual classroom, sms notifications, mass SMS and mass Email or integrated voice of IP technology. With Adrenna it’s all included.

Get ALL the capabilities you require at half, or a third of the cost of legacy providers.

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Market Solutions
Learning Platform

Move into a new era of learning technology with a Learning Experience Platform capabilities that out flanks today’s existing “learning management systems.” As a platform enjoy:

  • Robust content, assessment, communications, analytics, adaptivity and more
  • Applied solutions for nearly every market
  • Ability to support unique needs for individual organizations
  • Modular technology that supports continued innovation

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Learning Science

Our learning science team and board members are focused on aligning sound practices and innovations to technology, data and content.

Leveraging learning science with:

  • multi-modal
  • personalized
  • adaptive
  • analytical
  • and pedagogical

approaches for the continued development of the one platform approach.


The Adrenna learning experience platform has thousands of features and functions working together to meet the unique needs of instructor led and self-paced eLearning for K12, Higher Education, Workforce and Corporate programs.


10X larger then the Moodle community Drupal provides the greatest insights and technology for education and workforce innovation. Today hundred of thousands of web properties are “Powered By Drupal”. We are actively engaging the Drupal Community.

Build your Brand

Leave the technology to us and focus on the important revenue generating and competitive parts of your business.


We are Adrenna and we help some of the largest organizations in the world with end-to-end innovative eLearning solutions. Our dedicated passionate team designs and develops capabilities that engage, inspire, and enable organizations to achieve their goals. Our robust learning platform includes content authoring, courses, communities, portfolios, learning objectives, outcomes and meaningful learner progress and analytics. Adrenna meets the unique needs of instructor led and self-paced eLearning for K12, Higher Education, Workforce and Corporate programs.

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